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Hi! My name is Razz.

I am also an AKC registered Cardigan Welsh Corgi. My official name is  “Dobcarr’s Razzamatazz”.  As you know, everyone calls me Razz.

My Corgi dad was also “Dobcarr’s A Boy Named Sue” but everyone called him Cooper. My Corgi mom was  “Woodrose To Have And Have Not” but everyone called her Betty.

I was born on October 19, 2010. That makes my Sun sign Libra.

My coloring is also Brindle and White but I have lots of blond highlights on my back end.

I also have a white blaze on my face but it is shaped like a flame at the top and my white collar only goes three quarters of the way around my neck.

I am in training to start showing in Rally. That is where I get to show how good I can negotiate a course and follow all the directions that are on signs.

I still get a bit nervous around new people but I am getting better.






Razz winning his Rally Novice Title August 4, 2012